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Romeo & JulietUpdated: 19-08-2019 04:05:12


Romeo and Juliet are two star-crossed lovers just trying to find their way through life together, but her father doesn't approve. Maybe if they found a way to get married without him knowing they could live happily ever after. Can you help them?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Romeo or Juliet in Varrock Square, or the House west of Varrock.



Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

5 Quests Points



Step 1: Talking to Romeo and Juliet


Talk to Romeo in the Varrock Square. Ask him about Juliet and he will ask you to go talk to her. Head west until you find Juliet walking around her house west of Varrock.

Talk to her and she will ask you to deliver a message to Romeo. Head back to Romeo with the message and talk to him. He will find out that Juliet father doesn't want them together and that https://www.runescapeclassic.org/db/npc & -lawrence/Father Laurence might be able to help.

https://www.runescapeclassic.org/db/npc & -lawrence/Father Laurence can be found on the East side of the Varrock castle inside the church north of the Museum.

Step 2: Father Lawrence Plan

Once you found https://www.runescapeclassic.org/db/npc & -lawrence/Father Laurence, talk to him and he will suggest that Juliet should use a potion that will make her appear dead. He will tell you that the Apothecary can make such potion.

Head towards the Apothecary which is located in a building behind Thessalia's Fine Clothes in the Varrock Square.

Talk to the Apothecary and will ask you to gather cadavaberries to make the potion. They can be found on the south-east corner south of Varrock next to the mine. Grab a few and head back to the Apothecary and give him the cadavaberries. In return he will give you a potion which you have to deliver to Juliet.

Go speak to Juliet who will take the cadava potion and use it to appear dead. She will ask you to go speak to Romeo to make sure he understand the plan.

Talk to Romeo to explain him the situation and you're quest is now complete.