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Prince Ali rescueUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:54:08


This mission calls for a cunning and brave adventurer to rescue Prince Ali from the evil Lady Keli.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Hassan in Al Kharid palace



Items needed

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x7 x2 x5 x3
Quest Points

3 Quest Points
620 Coins if you already collected your 80 coins. If not, 700 coins.
Free passage through the Al Kharid gate.



Step 1: Talking to Chancellor Hassan


Head to the Al Kharid palace and talk to Chancelor Hassan. Ask him if he need any help. He will tell you to go talk to Osman located outside the palace.

Osman will tell you that Prince Ali has been kidnapped by Lady Keli which can be found in Draynor village.

Step 2: Talking to  Leela and gathering the ingredients


Go to the East side of  Draynor village and find Leela which usually wander around the wheat field. Talk to her and get information concerning the required items to pursue the quest.

Rope and the Wig

If you don't have a rope, go talk to Ned in Draynor village and ask him to sell you one. He will ask for 4 balls of wool.

Talk to him again and this time, ask him for a wig. He will ask you 3 balls of wool to make you a wig.

Skin paste and Yellow dye

Talk to Aggie in Draynor village and ask her for skin paste. She will make you some in exchange of redberries, flour, water and ashe.

Talk to her again and ask her for yellow dye. She will make you some for the onions and five coins.

Use the yellow dye on the wig Ned made for you to make it blonde.


For this part, make sure you have the soft clay in your inventory. Talk to Lady Keli found in the prison East of Draynor village and convince her to get a keyprint by telling her she's a legend and praising her, she will end up letting you see the key that is used to unlock the gate where Prince Ali is locked.

Make sure you have both the keyprint and a bronze bar in your inventory and go back to Al Kharid. Speak to Osman and he will give you a bronze key.

*You can talk to the Chancelor to receive your 80 coins reward.

Return to Leela East of Draynor village to get a duplicate of the key.

Talk to Leela once more and she will inform you that the guard weakness is "beer",  Make sure you have three beers in your inventory for the next part.

Step 3: Freeing Prince Ali

Go inside the building where Prince Ali is locked. Talk to the guard and tell him that you have some beer, it will give him your three beers and he'll become drunk. Use your rope on Lady Keli to tie her up and then use the key on the cell to free Prince Ali.

You can now head back to Al Kharid . This time it'll be free because you freed Ali.

Head toward Hassan for your reward and complete the quest.