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Gameplay Guide - How to create a character

The gameplay guide includes information on a number of important topics such as download & running the game, creating a character, controls, and navigation of RSC Client interface.

Last Updated: 16-08-2019 17:20:42

How to create a character

This guide will assist you to create a character on RSCVanilla.

Step 1: Creating a forum account

The first step to play at RSCVanilla is to create your forum account on our website by clicking on register at the top right corner of your screen as shown in the picture below. You will receive your password by email once you created your forum account.


Step 2: Creating your character

To create your character, go on our forum front page then hover over "Account Manager" then click on "Create an account" as shown in the picture below.


Once done, click on "Create Game Account" and enter the desired character name and make sure you enter an unique password.


Click on register now once you entered your character name & password and your character is now created.

Step 3: Downloading/Extracting the client

Now that your character is created, download your respective client (PC or Android) that can be found within our navigation menu as shown in the picture below.


Upon clicking that option , it'll bring you to a new page where you can select either PC or Android client. Make sure you have the latest JRE Java version installed before opening the client.

Once the respective client is downloaded, double click on the JAR file and the loader will open & extract the files needed to install the game on your computer.

Now that the files are extracted and it says "Ready to play!" in the progress bar, click PLAY NOW as shown in the picture below.


Step 4: Login RSCVanilla with your character

Finally, to log in the game and play with your character that you created by following the steps above, enter your character information within the respective boxes and click "OK" . Voila! You are now ready to play RSCVanilla.


Welcome to RSCVanilla!