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Game Feature Guide - Combat

Guides with detailed explanations of the various features available in RuneScape Classic.

Last Updated: 17-08-2019 19:08:53


RuneScape Classic Combat System

RuneScape Classic have a very interesting combat system.

A fight last 3 rounds minimum. After 3 rounds passed, a player may exit the combat to either use consumables (Potions, food to bring back hit points up to avoid dying or simply to shoot from a distance by either using ranged or magic) or you can simply stay in the fight if you do not need to eat food.

If fighting a player, you must be sure you are well prepared as an opponent will mostly have food in his inventory. So making sure you eat food after every 3 rounds is a nice tactic (Against players).

While training combat, you can select a stance either Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive and Controlled.

Each stance give experience in different skills:

  • Controlled: Experience is given for every melee combat attribute (Attack, Strength, Defense at 1/3rd of the total XP gained from killing a monster). 

  • Accurate: Experience in Attack. 

  • Aggressive: Experience in Strength. 

  • Defensive: Experience in Defense.


Damage to enemy:

Damage to player:

When your hitpoints reach 0, you are dead. To make sure this does not happen, eat food when you feel that you are at risk.

Food can be purchased in a few stores accross the realm or can be gathered from fishing combined with cooking or simply with the cooking skill.